Code Analysis


Go (often referred to as golang) is an open source programming language created at Google in 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson.


remove unnecessary type conversions from go source
unused checks go code for unused constants variables functions and types
gosimple is a linter for go source code that specialises on simplifying code
staticcheck is on steroids applying a ton of static analysis checks you might be used to from tools like resharper for c
metalinter is a tool to automatically apply all static analysis tool and report their output in normalized form
golint is a linter for go source code
checkstyle is a style check tool like java checkstyle this tool inspired by java checkstyle golint the style refered to some points in go code review comments
0.0 2.6 Code Analysis
checks recent changes to a go project for backwards incompatible changes
0.0 3.2 Code Analysis
a linter that suggests interface types
0.0 1.0 Code Analysis
console application that displays outdated packages
0.0 1.0 Code Analysis
web based golang ast visualizer
gocoverio offers the code coverage of any golang package as a service
adds zero-value return statements to match the func return types
tool to fix add remove your go imports automatically
10.0 4.1 Code Analysis
run linters as part of go test

Top View

0.0 2.0 Image
swift image slideshow with circular scrolling timer and full screen viewer
1.0 0.7 Gui
theming net winforms c or vbnet to googles material design principles
0.0 0.0 Animation
collection of animation projects
redefined chart library built with react and d3
php bindings for go