Elixir is a functional, concurrent, general-purpose programming language that runs on the Erlang virtual machine (BEAM). Elixir builds on top of Erlang and shares the same abstractions for building distributed, fault-tolerant applications.


generic task behavior that helps to encapsulate worker errors and recover from them in classic genstages
- - Languages
elixir implementation of an interpreter and repl for the js-like monkey programming language
a geometry library for elixir that calculates spatial relationships between two geometries
- - Actors
railway flow-based programming with elixir genstage
create elixir functions with sql as a body
foursquare oauth2 strategy for uberauth
simple vk api client for elixir
a cron-style scheduler for elixir
- - Csv
a simple and fast csv parsing and dumping library for elixir
another simple and flexible authentication solution in 5 minutes
lightweight docker remote api client with ssltls loginconnection support
- - Protocols
elixir implementation for protocol buffers
neo4j driver for elixir using the bolt protocol
a feature toggle library using redis or sql using ecto as a backing service
- - Testing
testing framework for elixir

Top View

0.0 2.0 Image
swift image slideshow with circular scrolling timer and full screen viewer
1.0 0.7 Gui
theming net winforms c or vbnet to googles material design principles
0.0 0.0 Animation
collection of animation projects
redefined chart library built with react and d3
php bindings for go