Embeddable Scripting Languages


Go (often referred to as golang) is an open source programming language created at Google in 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson.


a javascript interpreter written in go
a port of the lua 52 vm to pure go
simple lisp in go
dynamically typed embeddable programming language in go
php bindings for go
embeddable ngaro vm implementation enabling scripting in retro
scriptable interpreter written in go
duktape javascript engine bindings for go
go bindings for lua c api
perl 5182 embedded in go
naive go bindings to the cpython c-api
a lua 51 vm and compiler written in go

Top View

0.0 2.0 Image
swift image slideshow with circular scrolling timer and full screen viewer
1.0 0.7 Gui
theming net winforms c or vbnet to googles material design principles
0.0 0.0 Animation
collection of animation projects
redefined chart library built with react and d3
php bindings for go