The programming language of iOS(and Mac OS) is Objective-C and C. You have to use Xcode platform to develop iOS apps, on the next version that is now available on beta release, Xcode 4 supports also C++


protocol-oriented uitableview management powered by generics and associated types
- - Tab Bar
a clean simple alternative to the uitabbar
google protocolbuffers for apple swift
a json-rpc 20 library purely written in swift
a graphql client for ios written in swift
an ios framework to easily create simple animated walkthrough written in swift
a simple interactive and customizable library to handle form input and validations
- - Tab Bar
a custom tab bar controller for ios written in swift 30
- - Charts
easy to use and highly customizable pie charts library for ios
simple refresh control for ios inspired by
- - Image
instagram-like image filter viewcontroller
- - Tools
shows fps cpu usage app and ios versions above the status bar and report fps and cpu usage via delegate
- - Ui
an easy to use faq view for ios written in swift
- - Ui
tinder like card stack that supports lazy loading and generics
- - Image
an ios sdk for sharing photos that automatically expire and can be deleted at any time

Top View

0.0 2.0 Image
swift image slideshow with circular scrolling timer and full screen viewer
configurable yet easy to use stretchy header view for uitableview and uicollectionview
1.0 0.5 Menu
ios slide menu view based on google iqon feedly ameba ios app it is written in pure swift
1.0 7.5 Networking
an extremely simple fast udp tunnel based on kcp protocol
a simple payment abstraction library extracted from shopify