Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux. Swift is designed to work with Apple's Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks and the large body of extant Objective-C (ObjC) code written for Apple products.


- - Keyboard
an elegant solution for keeping any uiview visible when the keyboard is being shown no uiscrollview required
solutions to leetcode interview questions
write any value to file
- - Algorithm
swift implementation of the longest common subsequence lcs algorithm
- - Algorithm
algorithms and data structures with explanations
- - Algorithm
a toolset for writing algorithms and probability models
swift implementation of the longest common subsequence lcs algorithm
elegant transition library for ios written in swift
- - Calendar
fully customizable calendar day view in swift
- - Webserver
a minimal fast and unopinionated web framework
- - Keyboard
codeless manager to hide keyboard by tapping on views for ios written in swift
- - Images
image filtering ui library like instagram
- - Text
mustard is a swift library for tokenizing strings when splitting by whitespace doesnt cut it
- - Images
multi image downloader with priority in swift
pattern-based user input formatter parser and validator for ios

Top View

0.0 2.0 Image
swift image slideshow with circular scrolling timer and full screen viewer
1.0 0.7 Gui
theming net winforms c or vbnet to googles material design principles
0.0 0.0 Animation
collection of animation projects
redefined chart library built with react and d3
php bindings for go